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BY COURTNEY DEFIANT Lisa the changes as she life after Ant - pink hairdo and her wedding finger.
New Delhi [India], November 21 ( ANI ): Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra recently shared that she was cutting her long locks for a new look as Alex Parrish in 'Quantico' and today the actress finally revealed her new hairdo for the hit-TV series.
What got onlookers talking, though, was her hairdo.
She tidies and sorts and is thoroughly happy when her pop star idol just happens to call by for a hairdo in time for the evening's 'Afro-Idols' finals.
Now, in a UK first, Travelodge has launched an interactive hair salon to help its female customers achieve The Cheryl Cole hairdo.
Having often been accused of being big headed, Victoria Beckham's new hairdo has had a surprising effect.
My doctor's only "prescription" was a shopping spree, a new hairdo or a holiday.
It was certainly a stunning hairdo - not in the way I'd dreamed of - but it taught me a valuable lesson.
I also remembered that it wasn't always easy for my mother to get us girls to the hairdo chair.
RIALTO -- On a day in which the wrestlers' haircuts, styles and dye jobs resembled the crowd at a punk-rock concert, Kevin Dunn didn't have any difficulty backing up his eccentric hairdo Saturday with a star-studded performance on the mat.
So, the light that hits one patch of blonde hair also provides a soft glow to a wider area of a hairdo.
Yocasta, 2000, named after Oedipus's mother, consists of four large color photographs hanging over wall-mounted tables shaped like the sterilizers hairdressers use for their tools; it depicts the head of a robust beauty--a postmodern, pedestrian Helene Fourment with an elaborate hairdo.
Short by today's standards, its length and shakeability subjected the Beatles to remarks in The Times about "hair that never seems to be cut" and even a comparison to "the square hairdo used every morning on television by Captain Kangaroo.
That's what "Rockin' Reverend" Dorian Baxter at Christ the King Graceland Independent Anglican Church of Canada leads the crowd in, as he sports an Elvis hairdo and outfits.