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while Amy Winehouse's beehive hairdo completed the top 5 memorable hairdos.
The singer released photographs of her new hairdo on her Instagram account showing her new shorter hair and when we say shorter, we mean shorter.
Micro-weaving takes several hours, but this hairdo can last for up to six months.
Findings revealed the top celebrity hairstyle females would most like to recreate on themselves for a 'night out on the tiles' is Cheryl Cole's sexy, glamorous and big hairdo.
In the end, Little Night was my personal celebration of hair and hairdos, chores and games, night, earth, and sky, but it is also a celebration of being a child and of being loved.
RIALTO -- On a day in which the wrestlers' haircuts, styles and dye jobs resembled the crowd at a punk-rock concert, Kevin Dunn didn't have any difficulty backing up his eccentric hairdo Saturday with a star-studded performance on the mat.
B Town beauty Anushka flaunts new hairdo for upcoming film
Summary: The Duchess of Cambridge turned heads on Tuesday, as she revealed a new 70's-inspired hairdo at the Natural History Museum.
So, the light that hits one patch of blonde hair also provides a soft glow to a wider area of a hairdo.
Yocasta, 2000, named after Oedipus's mother, consists of four large color photographs hanging over wall-mounted tables shaped like the sterilizers hairdressers use for their tools; it depicts the head of a robust beauty--a postmodern, pedestrian Helene Fourment with an elaborate hairdo.
JOANNA Lumley looks pretty Ab Fab with her new hairdo.
The party served notice yesterday that the closing stages of the campaign would become increasingly personal when it unveiled an election poster showing Baroness Thatcher's hairdo superimposed on William Hague's face.
Such is the detail available on the disastrous hairdo that we now know that the former tennis player visited a Harrods crimper twice in an attempt at damage limitation.
NYSE: CIC) now figures it's going to take more than a hairdo to woo investors.