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Among the items collected for sale are five grades of paper, five grades of rags, and three grades of carpet; also bagging, twine, two grades of shoes, hats, five grades of bottles, tin cans, copper, brass, zinc, iron, rubber, haircloth, and curled hair.
Judith, an agent of her own body, instead reminds us in her two swift blows of the sword that her true identity is not the one we see dressed in luxurious garments, but rather, is the pious widow who fasted devoutly wearing not gowns but a haircloth until her hand was forced by the starvation caused by Holofernes.
Only dont let it interfere with my appetite," I says, because how the hell can I do anything right, with that dam family and her not making any effort to control her nor any of them like that time when she happened to see one of them kissing Caddy and all next day she went around the house in a black dress and a veil and even Father couldn't get her to say a word except crying and saying her little daughter was dead and Caddy about fifteen then only in three years she'd been wearing haircloth or probably sandpaper at that rate.
James writes of Newman: "he had always found something to enjoy in the pressure of necessity, even when it was as irritating as the haircloth shirt of the mediaeval monk" (533).
He removed the tissue and flung the white haircloth off, giving it a sharp snap, so the hair fell to the floor.