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a brush used to groom a person's hair

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Witnesses said he was holding a hairbrush when shot.
Earlier in the week she revealed that those spontaneous scenes at one point prompted her to throw a hairbrush at her co-star so hard it broke.
I stole a hairbrush (laughs) and a 'Billy-goats Gruff' [book].
Withings and L'Oreal have announced a new hairbrush called Hair Coach that packs both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
The latest innovative product to hit the tech-beauty circuit is a new "smart hairbrush," a connected hair tool that could revolutionize day-to-day hair care.
I am in the pigeonhole marked 'no threat', and did I stab Judi Dench with a pitchfork I should still be a teddy bear' Playwright Alan Bennett "I can't be twirling a hairbrush in one hand and a dryer in the other at my age.
All you need now is a hairbrush and a mirror to sing in front of, PS9 at Tesco.
Granted, I was the over-enthusiastic adult with a hairbrush for a sword, who probably wouldn't threaten a butterfly.
Working for the precursor of the CIA, he had privileged access to Hitler's retreat and took personal items - including the monogrammed hairbrush - from Braun's private apartment.
The discovery was made through DNA testing on hair taken from an hairbrush, allegedly belonging to Eva Braun, Hitler's long-time lover who married him hours before their joint suicide as the Nazi war machine crashed.
Each comes with a pair of sparkly Believix wings that plug into the Winx "X" on their back allowing for magical transformation from girl to fairy, and a hairbrush and shoes.
Oxfordshire-based Data Plastics has recently installed a new Haitian Mars 160 tonne injection-moulding machine, which will be solely dedicated to the production of a Queen's Award-winning hairbrush.
The contributions included a plank from the London 2012 velodrome, hockey sticks, a Victorian policeman's truncheon, large crates used to transport gold as British securities to Canada during the Second World War and a hairbrush used by a make-up artist at Pinewood Studios in the 1960s.
I miiiight need a hairbrush," the Daily Mail quoted her as tweeting alongside her snap.