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Synonyms for harebrained

Synonyms for harebrained

very foolish


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The latest hairbrained scheme to come out of McBeth and Taylor's luxurious lairs at the SFA's Hampden headquarters is even by their standards, mind-boggling.
He was a very restless man and he always wanted to push forward his own ideas and plans - hairbrained or otherwise.
So when the potty Scot met a bloke in a bar who offered elephant sightseeing tours at his resort in darkest Nepal, it wasn't long before a hairbrained scheme was brewing.
Michael was saved from this hairbrained scheme only because he talked about it that night in Tramps club.
Biggs, objected vehemently in a secret cable: "The embassy requests that this hairbrained project be abandoned before its hits the fan.
It's another hairbrained idea from a Government that has totally lost the plot.
And Smith, too, has always had a good word to say about the hairbrained Geordie.
Alfie (Shane Richie) does not want to disappoint Kat when his papers have still not come through so he hatches a hairbrained plot to rope in his pal Ray as a stand-in registrar.
Hairbrained Julia Roberts upset bosses on her new movie, My Best Friend's Wedding, by turning up to reshoot some scenes with a completely new hairdo.
DICTATOR Kim Jong-un has issued another hairbrained order.
In the light of the inevitable and merciful collapse of the ECB's hairbrained 'P20' plans, the itinerary for next season is back in the melting pot.
It's a hairbrained scheme that removes their legion of fans from grounds for half a season and worsens the financial hardship for clubs already on the bread line.
Amazingly, all that is needed for the hairbrained scheme to get the go-ahead is an 8-4 voting majority.
At the very least, she proves police forces can afford to be innovative about dealing with crime and hairbrained schemes can sometimes work like a dream.
If you question their hairbrained schemes and views of the world they'll suspect you of something despicable, andnow they're in the process of making us believe we're paedophiles.