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Synonyms for harebrained

Synonyms for harebrained

very foolish


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Instead, it was dropped into Arnhem in broad daylight, three days into Montgomery's hairbrained Operation Market Garden, without artillery.
That laughter, which would soon drown out--for cherished moments--the sounds of war as it spread across Europe, would come from "simple hairbrained foolishness, reluctant heroism, and even blatant cowardice set against a climate of high seriousness.
It was at this point that he seemed to have hatched a hairbrained scheme.
Factor in a government so desperate to make this hairbrained scheme work that they've let any old Tom, Dick and Harry in following secretive selection processes, and you've got a recipe for disaster.
And we here in The Boot Room are no different, whether it's players taking a tumble too easily, referees being card-happy or just exasperation at another of Sepp Blatter's hairbrained ideas.
Just another hairbrained scheme for Kirklees Council to be involved in without proper consultation.
John Attwood, Latham's defence lawyer, said: "It was a hairbrained scheme cooked up within the confines of a public house.
And, as bizarre as it sounds, the scheme is anything but hairbrained.
They have got plenty of amunition - the presenter has been known for his hairbrained schemes since he secured his prime-time slot on the station five years ago, pulling in six million listeners a week.
The latest hairbrained scheme to come out of McBeth and Taylor's luxurious lairs at the SFA's Hampden headquarters is even by their standards, mind-boggling.
He was a very restless man and he always wanted to push forward his own ideas and plans - hairbrained or otherwise.
Michael was saved from this hairbrained scheme only because he talked about it that night in Tramps club.
Biggs, objected vehemently in a secret cable: "The embassy requests that this hairbrained project be abandoned before its hits the fan.
COKE HEADS Two Britishbased drug mules had a hairbrained scheme to smuggle PS175,000worth of cocaine from Jamaica to London by hiding it inside their wigs.