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a compact mass of hair that forms in the alimentary canal (especially in the stomach of animals as a result of licking fur)

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Mike Findling and Hairball immediately bring our team to the head of the pack.
She said the hairball was "closely compacted and intertwined hair.
Hairball treatment will be decided on by your vet and is often a change of diet to include more fibre or a lubricant to help your cat pass the hair.
They pulled out the large and heavy hairball in an emergency surgery.
Some ERP decision makers believe they are already using the cloud, but instead are operating a hairball of legacy on-premise software systems on a hosted platform falsely promoted as cloud, leaving them to struggle to realise the cloud's business benefits.
The tablets are available in Adult Maintenance, Senior, Joint Plus, Calming, Soft-n-Shiny Coat and Digestion Support formulations for dogs and Adult Maintenance, Joint Plus, Senior, Urinary Health and Hairball formulas for cats.
There are also hairball prevention diets on the market (Hill's Science Diet Hairball Control).
Don't bother looking for a greeting card, but Friday is National Hairball Awareness Day.
We weren't quite "positioned" when multiple muffled gunshots preceded Hairball Harry's rapid exit out onto the landing.
Ideally, a large hairball will come out of the overflow hole.
The fur you catch when grooming your cat won't end up as a hairball, or as hair you'll be cleaning off your clothes.
Among the products available in mass are Hip & Joint extra strength, Hip & Joint regular strength, Daily Best Multivitamins for Dogs, Skin & Coat Support for Dogs, Oral Health for Dogs, Bladder Support for Dogs, Calming Formula for Dogs, Calming Formula for Cats and Hairball Relief Plus for Cats.
Some of my comic books are "Eye the Spy," "Cat and Dog" and "The Walking Hairball.