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a compact mass of hair that forms in the alimentary canal (especially in the stomach of animals as a result of licking fur)

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The museum's most popular artifact is the 14-inch cow's hairball.
Hairball treatment will be decided on by your vet and is often a change of diet to include more fibre or a lubricant to help your cat pass the hair.
6] Sometimes these hairballs result in weight loss, intestinal malabsorption or gastro-intestinal obstruction, perforation, abscesses, pancreatitis, obstructive jaundice, gastric emphysema and even death, especially in children.
The world is growing more entangled and virtual--into something that could be likened to a "digital hairball.
Don't bother looking for a greeting card, but Friday is National Hairball Awareness Day.
We weren't quite "positioned" when multiple muffled gunshots preceded Hairball Harry's rapid exit out onto the landing.
The winning team gets a gold-painted catdboard hairball wirh eyes.
Ideally, a large hairball will come out of the overflow hole.
The fur you catch when grooming your cat won't end up as a hairball, or as hair you'll be cleaning off your clothes.
Among the products available in mass are Hip & Joint extra strength, Hip & Joint regular strength, Daily Best Multivitamins for Dogs, Skin & Coat Support for Dogs, Oral Health for Dogs, Bladder Support for Dogs, Calming Formula for Dogs, Calming Formula for Cats and Hairball Relief Plus for Cats.
Some of my comic books are "Eye the Spy," "Cat and Dog" and "The Walking Hairball.
Research on any High Priority Corridor will lead the reader into a hairball of studies, alliances, pricing programs, transportation acts, administration agencies, reports, committees, partnerships, and on and on, all designed, we believe, to obscure the real agenda.
Competitive eating was a symbolic hairball coughed up by the American id.