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a gun trigger that responds with little pressure

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But he has no fears about the striker's hair-trigger temperament if the Spaniards resort to a deliberate policy of antagonising Leeds' main attacking weapon.
With his Patrick Swayze-ish good looks masking a hair-trigger temper, Edgerton makes Shane a charismatic time bomb.
Di Canio refused to give guarantees about controlling his hair-trigger temper and said: "I made a mistake, but it was not a violent reaction.
Mills has developed a reputation as an aggressive player with a hair-trigger temper who is easily wound up by opponents.
But Chris Cooper does it, hijacking our attention in every scene as John Laroche, a Florida redneck whose passionate, if short-lived enthusiasms are matched only by his exuberant personality and hair-trigger temper.
I know that some people will ask why we are so concerned with Russia with all of our problems at home," said Rangos, "but aside from humanitarian considerations, if the Yeltsin government fails we could see a new and much more dangerous Soviet-style dictatorship that may again put the world on a nuclear hair-trigger and cost us more billions of dollars we do not have.
Scholes knows all about playing for a manager with a hair-trigger temper, having played under Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United for the past decade.
This was a problem, not a preference, in 1957, and Quaid portrays the family man's panicky, self-absorbed confusion with hair-trigger mood swings that some may judge over-the-top but which seem credible enough considering the mindset of the times.
EASTENDERS (BBC1) slap-head Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) looks like a nightclub bouncer, drinks too much, has a hair-trigger temper and doesn't know how to treat the fairer sex.
work with other like-minded countries to promote the active pursuit of alternative approaches to managing the ballistic missile problem, including, most notably, measures to mitigate and eliminate the continuing threat posed by the huge US and Russian nuclear arsenals and their continued operation on hair-trigger alert.
Keeping weapons on hair-trigger alert is one of the most dangerous things the nuclear powers can do today.
Soviet arms race may be a thing of history but its legacy is that hundreds of nuclear weapons remain on hair-trigger alert.
Despite his public hatred of United, lifelong Leeds fan Smith is just the kind of player who would thrive under Fergie who is perhaps one of the few managers capable of curbing the 23-year-old's hair-trigger temperament, something he shares with team-mate Viduka.
Punch-Drunk's'' dweebish, hair-trigger Barry Egan is far and away the most complex characterization Sandler has ever attempted.
Particularly ace are the sequences which underline the hair-trigger deadliness of the characters for trade by Jackson and De Niro.