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It's a production worthy of the landmark release it celebrates and one that will surely stretch the resolve of the most hair-shirted Manics purist.
For anyone who isn't a hair-shirted hermit with over-developed intellectual pretensions, Forever Delayed is one of the best of it's type, featuring 18 of the Welshmen's 27 Top 40 hits (three of them - Motown Junk, Suicide Is Painless and The Masses Against the Classes - have never appeared on an album) plus two fresh tracks, There By The Grace of God and Door to the River.
Hair-shirted statistics have the virtue that they are more likely to be believed.
But while the Fed stays in its present hair-shirted mode, it will remain just that, wild talk.
Better still, unless you were heavily committed to the tech bubble when it burst in March, 2000, there is a decent chance that your stock market investments are worth more than ever before, certainly if you were hair-shirted and re-invested the dividends during the lean years.
The prudes and the bigots and the do-gooders and the army of hair-shirted, uptight, repressed descendants of Mary Whitehouse are ganging up on them.
The miserable two-speed economy has its hair-shirted consolations - but Mr Brown can hardly crow about that on Wednesday.