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self-sacrificing or austere


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However, in a space-age procedure called Folly-Cular Transfer, carried out by specialists on London's famous Fleet Street, the hair-shirt has been carefully transplanted onto his team-mate, Ryan Giggs.
In that context, Greek policymakers might want to take a close look at the experience of the hapless Latvia, which is some eighteen months ahead of Greece in the application of a hair-shirt fiscal austerity program under International Monetary Fund supervision to preserve its Euro currency peg.
Then there are MPs like Frank Field whose attitude smells worse than the armpits of his unwashed hair-shirt.
No one knew then what to call the hatched vines snaking up these trunks like a hair-shirt.
We do not want a hair-shirt or austerity Games, we want to show London off to the world.
Forgiveness is misunderstood in the hair-shirt ritual, asserts Berlinger, because there is no place in it for the person from whom alone forgiveness can come--namely, the patient.
The resulting architecture was far from the hair-shirt worthi ness often associated with community initiatives.
It positioned Democrats to campaign, amid economic recession, as the hair-shirt party of "fiscal responsibility," blaming Bush's tax cuts for the vanished (and largely notional) budget surpluses and evoking public nostalgia for the giddy boom of the late 1990s, which actually began heading south before Bush came to town.
As Mount says, "Automobiles that appear hair-shirt or underpowered .
This is how bad it can get; or good, if you're of hair-shirt leanings.
Forget the hair-shirt wailings of colleges placed on probation for cheating.
Besides, this type of CEO tries to avoid as much as possible having any hard-nosed, hair-shirt directors on the board who will ask difficult questions about his or her management style.
e hair-shirt of a nation" was Anthony Conran's epithet for RS.
Yesterday, work and pensions spokesman Steve Webb turned on Mr Clegg, telling him to ditch hair-shirt policies such as means-testing child benefit.
More than that, there is tinge of hair-shirt socialism about these proposals which are clearly designed to clobber families living in what the Government would classify as better-off areas.