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Synonyms for hair-raiser

excitation that makes your hair stand up or that chills your bones


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Marty Cooper, chairman of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association, termed the UCC attack on Adelstein as ``a real hair-raiser,'' which took focus away from more important industry issues.
Dear Prof Root, Many thanks for forwarding to us your early working model of the Root Hair-Raiser Hothouse, comprising one human hair in a test tube.
HAWTHORNS hair-raiser Carl Hoefkens has revealed he would love to become Belgium's best Premier League export since Newcastle star Philippe Albert.
But last week's Herefordshire hair-raiser should remind some of his colleagues it's time to put the foot down.
A tarantula gave animal lover Shirley Bowey the fright of her life when a mercy mission turned in to a real hair-raiser.
BARNET 1, UKRAINE 0 J Hair-raiser Rooney seals his return by heading winner
Albion's Jason Roberts is beaten to the ball by goalkeeper Nico Vaesen HAIR-RAISER.
Carrie" X, hair-raiser about a girl with super-natural powers continues at the Odeon, New Street (not Wednesday or Friday).
AN EXPLICIT three-in-a-bed sex session is to be shown on TV for the first time ever as part of the BBC's hair-raiser Close Relations.
EAR WE GO J Close encounter WE MIST YOU n The gorillas arrive APEY DAYS J Smiling tourist HAIR-RAISER J Personal grooming
But the lad proved hair-raiser HIS PROUDEST MOMENT Gibson walks out at the start HIS FIRST CELEBRATION Top catch by the kid 'keeper GREAT EFFORT
Walsall v Bristol Rovers HAIR-RAISER Jason Price has promised he will soon have Walsall heading up the table.
ABSENT Pregnant Dannii AT THE DOUBLE Guest judge Natalie HAIR-RAISER Bee-hive yourself LOWDOWN Konnie limbos up CLAP-HAPPY Xtra Factor's Huq CHIC Cheryl arrives for X Factor auditions yesterday
LITTLE' BIT OF MAGIC Tendulkar (and inset) is over the moon yesterday after breaking record; HAIR-RAISER Tendulkar in build-up to Test debut