hair trigger

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a gun trigger that responds with little pressure

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It a very crisp firing mechanism that is adjustable down to a hair trigger.
The defense maintains that the weapon, which had a hair trigger, went off when Drake tripped.
The guns to the left of the body were a Smith & Wesson revolver with a customised handgrip and a Browning high-powered self-loading pistol, with a hair trigger.
Turmoil in overseas markets on Martin Luther King Day had the Fed on a hair trigger to drop rates 75 basis points almost as soon as U.
Due to the legislation, hair trigger retroactive penalty rates have been eliminated and more cardholders have kept up with their payments.
They also share Hair Trigger Technology for fast trigger speeds, Centered Subject Technology for better image framing, 30-second to 30-minute delays, SD Memory Card storage, and both run off four D-cell batteries.
In fact, it was nothing like a hair trigger at around three pounds, but it was so clean and crisp it felt much lighter, especially to those who had never experienced a good trigger.
There is no suggestion from any member of the security council that the resolution should permit a hair trigger,' he said.
The device was made from shotgun cartridges, a spring and hair trigger.
44-caliber revolver was equipped with a hair trigger.
The guns to the left of the body were a Smith & Wesson Magnum revolver with a customised handgrip and a Browning high- powered self-loading pistol, with a hair trigger.
Featuring one-on-one interviews with former astronauts as they describe their experiences in space, viewers will also get their very own backstage pass as the Inaugural Crew experiences hair trigger reactions and unexpected deviations as they attempt to land the spacecraft safely on Mars.
Featuring a roller system for smooth activation and no trigger travel for crisp, clean releases, the Insider's forward trigger helps archers take advantage of lost draw length when shooting a string loop and is adjustable from heavy to hair trigger.