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One of the attractions of this natural hair styles is that it can last for months, if well maintained.
Nadia Ali, a customer at parlour said, 'I am a university student and I came here as I want myself to look good on the day of Eid with stylish hair style and trendy make over.
NHS workers at the trust's centres, including Reaside, in Rubery and Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Centre, Edgbaston, were sent notices warning against the hair style.
By constantly changing products, vendors are able to maintain a competitive advantage, while feeding consumers' desires to change their hair styles.
In much the same way that men gravitate toward certain styles, behaviors, and attitudes that are more likely to attract attention from women, male "likes" must rate, on some level, as at least a consideration when a female hair style is chosen.
With this attachement, they have the ability to take a curly or wavy hair style and straighten it.
Assess Your Hair Style: Depending on your hair type, you might need to change your hair style from your summer hair style to a more appropriate winter cut and length.
Choose your hair style before you pick your head dress or veil.
Noufal Hair Color Studio, an award-winning full-service salon, announced today hair style and color trends for men and women during the approaching fall season.
As the final countdown to Oscar night - March 25 - begins, stars and their stylists are madly searching for the perfect gown, hair style and jewels.
You know, that just-short-of-a-goatee facial hair style that's popular with the Silver Lake music and art crowd).
About 35% say they buy a new appliance in order to create a new hair style.
The most popular choice of hair style for the moment are the crown braids - braids done from the front to the back of the crown.
Replicating her romantic medieval hair style runs about $50.
In these times of fashion do's and don'ts and talk show makeovers, a beautiful smile is just as important as the latest hair style or great skin.