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an uncomfortable shirt made of coarse animal hair

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The main thrust of Brownian motion since he schlepped next door with his wardbrobe of hair shirts was that things would be different.
He left a reputation for an austere holiness of fasts, hair shirts, spiked belts, and unwashed clothes.
He also points out that "antiglobalizers are frequently antidevelopmentalists as well, and like [Ralph] Nader, sport a closet full of hair shirts, not just for themselves but for everyone in sight.
It may not be Welsh nationalist's idea of heaven, because the English-speakers there do not spend their days in hair shirts, but it is nevertheless a vibrant community, even in the depths of winter with all the holiday homes shut up.
HAIR SHIRTS, HAIRY LEGS: Sister Ruth and Sister Maria show off their knees and entertain shoppers in Coventry as part of the summer celebration events.
We've just begun to weave the hair shirts that many broadcast folks will be wearing for the next year or so while they analyze their performances and prepare to do better next time.
French cinema has breadth, imagination, charm, humour, a sharp bite, warmth and humanity, while puritanical British film makers seem to think we should wear hair shirts whenever we go to the pictures.
Penitents were required to crop their hair, wear hair shirts (goat hair, not their own), practice celibacy, and prostrate themselves before the bishop, who would literally walk over their backs on his way into the church for Mass.
It's a boys' schoolyard brawl, pitting the Hair Shirts against the Foreskins.
So we donned our hair shirts and, as the trees rustled mysteriously in the night air, feasted, richly, on our reward.