hair of the dog

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an alcoholic drink supposed to cure a hangover

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It's a kind of withdrawal symptom, and that's why some people feel better with the hair of the dog.
When we started talking about collaborating on a project, Alan Sprints at Hair of the Dog was the first person I thought of working with," said Gary Fish, president of Deschutes.
For more than 200 years the wound would be treated with the burnt hair of the dog as an antidote.
But if you do overdo it, forget hair of the dog and lay off alcohol for 48 hours - you'll feel a lot better for it.
FORGET the hair of the dog to cure your party hangover this Christmas, reach for the artichokes instead.
Although their set was filled with crowd-pleasing classics such as Bad Bad Boy and Hair of the Dog, Nazareth didn't rest on their laurels as they aired plenty of material from 2009's The Newz (See Me) and their latest release Big Dogz, with Big Dogs Gonna Howl being particularly well received.
Or a hair of the dog and some fresh air on New Year's Day?
It looked like it was a case of hair of the dog," the Daily Mail quoted an onlooker as saying.
T4 On The Beach Channel 4, Today, 2pm Anyone still suffering from a T in the Park hangover should enjoy this hair of the dog show.
Whether it be a fry-up, hair of the dog, or a raw egg - or all of them at the same time - the only real effect these so-called remedies ever achieved for someone was probably making them feel even more ill.
But they left the pub in need of more than the hair of the dog after Jenny had finished work with her scissors, razor and waxing treatments.
Participating nonprofits and events include the Young Friends of the Art Museum, Habitat for Humanity, the Junior League, Young Friends of the Zoo, the Make a Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald Childrens' Charities, Philadelphia READS, the Goose Ball, Wine Brats, the Beaux Arts Ball and the Hair of the Dog Gala.
IT was more than a hair of the dog that John Gowens needed as he nursed a king-sized hangover.
If you overdo it, forget the hair of the dog and lay off alcohol for 48 hours - you`ll feel a lot better for it.
Maybe it also doubles as a hangover cure for the owner - hair of the dog.