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a black resinous substance obtained from certain trees and used as a natural varnish

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a hard glossy coating

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Graph 4 Market for hair lacquers in the country in question, 2006-2012 (US dollars)
DURING THE PAST YEAR, the European hair styling market has continued to be fuelled by growth in the styling aids category while hair sprays and hair lacquers have remained poor relations.
The company specialises in formulating and packing insecticides, fungicides and weedkillers as well as non-agrochemicals such as sun creams, hair lacquers and hangover cures.
Assuming it is ratified, South Korea has promised to phase-out duties over five years on Indian exports of most cosmetics, shampoos, hair creams perfumes and toilet waters; erasing them upon ratification for eye make-up, lipstick, hair lacquers and rinses.