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toiletry consisting of an aerosol foam used in hair styling

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The school says "excessive" use of hair gel in trendy styles for boys breaks their strict dress and appearance code.
Applications: hair emollients, conditioners, clear hair gels, hair mousses
The Global Hair Gel Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the hair gel industry.
I find it reduces the need to shout and scream; that food stays in the fridge for more than five minutes after it's arrived here; that the house is an Eminem-free zone and surfaces are temporarily clear of wet towels, spot cream, hair gel, Lynx and dirty underwear.
Meanwhile, men are forbidden from shaving their hair, wearing skinny jeans, and using hair gel.
The undersecretary last month asked policemen to abide by the grooming policies, including hair gel, haircuts and beards.
Louise brought in products such as shampoo bottles, shimmering hairspray and hair gel.
The reason for Kieft's outrage is Blatter's (above) verbal attack on Cristiano Ronaldo last week in which he taunted the Real Madrid star about the amount of hair gel he used.
It contains Ted's Grooming room Cologne, Face wash, Flannel, Hair Gel and comb all housed in stylish handy-to-keep bag.
Armed with only his hair gel and bagpipes, he finds himself in Acre Valley, where he befriends a fox and a mouse and the local neighbourhood watch group, the Mole Patrol.
The only thing I can think of when I watch Ronaldo is that hair gel should really be outlawed
The popularity of Mad Men, Pan Am and The Hour are all proof that 21st century gals adore the idea of bee-stung red lips, rollered hair, and swooning over men with an unhealthy attachment to hair gel.
He also told his followers his head was "still a bit bruised and swollen", and asked whether any of them could recommend any good hair gel.
The thief was seen entering the Health and Beauty on Market Way, Bilston, where he picked up several items including hair gel and deodorant and attempted to leave without paying.
16 creative techniques with paper and fabric offer artists a range of ideas, including using ordinary items such as baby wipes and hair gel to creative advantage.