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a dye or tint for the hair

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The sale of home hair dye kits alone is worth an estimated APS321million a year and the figure is expected to rise as the population ages.
Sophie Warren, left, and the reaction to the hair dye test
Luckily, the skin test gave her more than enough warning that she would be allergic to the hair dye - and it could have saved her life.
He said: "When people use hair dyes and clinical products it reduces the length of the growth phase, making hair thinner and easily broken.
She wrote on Twitter that "no hair dye in the world can achieve the unearthly platinum shine" of his "barnet".
Hair dye poisoning is an uncommon form of intoxication in the west.
Public awareness is needed to discourage the use of kala-pathar as hair dye and its easy availability.
Some of the common allergic reactions to hair dye include dermatitis of eyes, ears, scalp, and face.
EcoWaste Coalition has asked the Food and Drug Administration to direct manufacturers to voluntary recall hair dye products that contain the chemical sodium perborate, following a product alert issued in Europe.
The concentrations of cobalt in the majority of the hair dye samples were below the limit of detection except in HD-12 and HD-17.
It can also leave people with a lifelong sensitivity to PPD, which increases the risk of a severe allergic reaction when using hair dye.
Hair dye ingestion is a rare cause of toxicity in Pakistan.
Many women prefer to buy their own hair dye hoping to get a salon-perfect hue at home.
A CORONER has warned about the dangers of getting black henna tattoos on holiday following the death of a mother-of-two who suffered a severe allergic reaction to hair dye.