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a dye or tint for the hair

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I know that the defendant used a hair dye that was expired.
People who have sensitive skin or skin allergies and cannot use hair dye can also benefit from this technology.
Guy started cutting the star's hair but claimed he was later asked for the formula for a special hair dye developed for Macca.
It arose after Ms Buckley, from St Helens, suffered severe swelling to her face and hair loss after using a permanent hair dye product called Schwarzkopf Live XXL Cosmic Blue.
PPD is a chemical substance that is widely used as a hair dye.
In mild cases of hair dye allergies, scalp burning or tightness can occur.
Talking about the newly introduced product, he said: "I believe it is the safest hair dye on hair and skin, not only because it is ammonia free but also it is free from all allergens like Parabens, Nickel and heavy metals, paraffin and formaldehyde.
20 ( ANI ): Hair dyes that are being used by millions of women contain chemicals that are linked to cancer, scientists have warned.
At her inquest Coroner Geoff Fell heard expert evidence which said the tattoos contained massive amounts of paraphenylenediamine (PPD) - the chemical in the hair dye which is thought to have caused her reaction - and that the tattoos increased susceptibility.
It can also leave people with a lifelong sensitivity to PPD, which increases the risk of a severe allergic reaction when using hair dye.
She had no problems until on one occasion she reacted to a black hair dye.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organisation and dedicated to identifying cancer causes, said personal hair dye is "not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans," based on a lack of evidence from studies in people.
Dubai A beauty salon in Dubai has warned residents there is nothing called an organic or chemical-free hair dye.
Its a law that has been in effect since 2009, but one that few people knew about until recently: Swiss teenagers under the age of 16 are banned from using hair dye This is to protect their health, as it is feared some chemicals used in the dyes can cause severe allergic reactions While youngsters in Germany have to produce their identity cards when buying hair dye products in supermarkets or having colour applied at the hairdressers the law has not been actively enforced in Switzerland until now According to the Federal Department of Health responsibility for addressing the issue lies with the Cantons
John Frieda is making its hair dye debut with the UK's first permanent foam dye, which it claims is easier and faster to apply than existing formats.