hair dryer

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a hand-held electric blower that can blow warm air onto the hair

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Iron/Ironing Board, Hair Dryer, Refrigerator and Coffee Maker in Each Room
For your chance to win a year's free hairdressing, along with a hair dryer and straighteners, simply answer the question correctly: Where is the Nicky Clarke Salon in Birmingham?
Curiously, pink products sell well, like a pink hair dryer, and not just to teens and tweens, but across all age groups and product categories.
In January 2005, CirTran signed an exclusive manufacturing agreement with ABS, a California limited liability company, relating to the manufacture of a flat iron hair product, and in July 2005, CirTran signed another exclusive manufacturing agreement with ABS relating to the manufacture of a hair dryer kit.
BLOWOUT BEAUTY's Ultra Power Hair Dryer boasts innovative and technologically advanced features, allowing for optimal results with minimal damage.
NEW YORK-The good news in hair dryers, some manufacturers say, is that they are finally starting to command higher price points, thanks in part to the influence of hair salons.
American Salon readers, who voted in an online poll, chose the SuperSolano Hair Dryer as their #1 hair dryer of choice.
Nowadays it's the fan or the hair dryer and he rarely gets the vacuum out any more.
LYNWOOD - Two girls were electrocuted Wednesday when a hair dryer fell in the bathtub while they were trying to cool off from searing temperatures, authorities said.
With the hair dryer, we had to make it sound like it was being used to dry hair, so we had to move it around in waves.
Lisa, a delightful young lady I know, enthused the other day about the greatest ever development in modern science to which she had just been introduced - a hair dryer that plugs into the car.
The Louse-Buster produces double the volume of air flow as a hair dryer but at a slightly lower temperature.
The scientists randomly assigned the kids to get treatment with one of several devices, including a bonnet-style hair dryer, a hand-held hair dryer, a wall-mounted hair dryer, and an experimental high-volume blower that has a special rake that lifts hair into the strong air stream.
Re-tec's second product, a portable hair dryer named Ioneat, was launched in late 2003.