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a mechanical device consisting of a cylindrical tube around which the hair is wound to curl it

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Beading is done on a pair of plastic hair curlers (Fig.
The Schawbel Corporation ("Schawbel") announced today that the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts has granted a preliminary injunction against Conair, prohibiting it from manufacturing or selling cordless hair curlers.
It's hard for me to tell a child not to show up for school with hair curlers, pajamas or short-shorts if they see parents wearing them.
7 Avoid using additional heat on your hair by making the least use of hair dryers or hair curlers in this weather.
Students, of both sexes, will have hairdryers, hair straighteners and hair curlers, for different occasions.
Sponge Cake is baked from a collection of household sponges, decorated with cellophane-stuffed hair curlers and nail-polished combs, and served on painted plates.
Avoid using additional heat on your hair, that is to say try as much as you can to avoid using electric hair dryers or hair curlers.
Formerly a hairdresser's and restaurant, the new venture has done away with the tongs and hair curlers in favour of a burger grill and Boston drinks shaker.
Paul said: "You do not see them any more, but they were complete with hair curlers, wrinkly stockings, an old mac and a 'spud' basket.
Among the 6,000 or so oil-hungry items: crayons, disposable diapers,golf balls, panty hose, house paint, tires, linoleum, soft contactlenses, transparent tape, mops, tents, hair curlers, electric blankets,mineral oil, awnings, ammonia, insecticides, antiseptics, car soundinsulation, car battery cases, ink, paraffin wax, VCR tapes, sunglasses,toilet seats, water pipes, insect repellent, credit cards, ice trays,candles, rubbing alcohol, vitamin capsules, upholstery, putty, permanentpress clothes, electrician's tape, floor wax, eyeglasses, cold cream,shaving cream, bandages, nail polish, hearing aids, petroleum jelly,aspirin, shaving cream, toothbrushes, luggage, yarn, guitar strings,false teeth, ballpoint pens, heart valves, balloons, umbrellas, perfume,and pillows.
When you see the toy soldiers, the barrettes, the combs, and the old hair curlers your mother used to wear, you see yourself as a child, you see yourself as a consumer, and you see yourself as quite possibly part of the problem.
The basic camping certainly made us appreciate our home comforts, especially one of the group - who will remain nameless - who had to get used to no make-up, hairdryer or hair curlers for six days.
First of all she needed to borrow some hair curlers and then scissors to cut labels off Jennifer's clothes.
I mean, I don't go around with no makeup on, letting my white-trash upper arms show, and in hair curlers for just anybody.
Although that is good news for blood pressure monitors, older families require fewer other purchases, such as blow dryers, hair curlers and storage products.