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Synonyms for bulb


Synonyms for bulb

a modified bud consisting of a thickened globular underground stem serving as a reproductive structure

electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity

a rounded part of a cylindrical instrument (usually at one end)

anything with a round shape resembling a teardrop

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a rounded dilation or expansion in a canal or vessel or organ

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If you zap an actively growing hair strand down to its hair bulb, connective tissues and stem cells, then that strand is completely removed.
In addition, the company upgraded its formulas and introduced the Vital Energy Complex to boost scalp blood circulation and hair bulb nourishment.
For people who still have a full head of hair that may be damaged or weak, injections can make hair grow stronger and longer by boosting the health of the hair bulb in the scalp.
9 It is believed that in AA, an as yet unidentified trigger stimulates an autoimmune lymphocytic attack on the hair bulb.
The exact mechanism of action is unknown, but it is thought to work by improving circulation around the hair follicle or binding to the DHT receptors in the hair bulb.
Using a new set of primers and modifications in the PCR conditions, higher amplification efficiency was obtained even from a single hair bulb used directly in the PCR reaction without previous treatment.
8) Melanin pigment is also being produced in the hair bulb throughout this entire stage.
Each hair grows from a hair bulb inside a follicle buried deep within the scalp.
The analyses were conducted on cells of the epidermis, hair follicle and hair bulb.
Differentiated melanocytes tend to be localized to the hair bulb.