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a compact mass of hair that forms in the alimentary canal (especially in the stomach of animals as a result of licking fur)

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This is referred to as hair ball, wool block, gastric stasis or hair block.
The hair ball collection under the couch is so 2006.
says Heather, who once was sick for six hours after finding a hair ball in the sink.
This has enabled them to gain maximum efficiency of their chosen systems by providing seamless data transfer throughout the organization and eliminate the typical 'integration hair ball or systems spaghetti mess' that exists in many organizations.
It turned out the mass was a huge hair ball, with ropes of hair reaching down her digestive tract.
IF twittering hair ball Jodie really wants Darren to be more her sort of bloke, it's not a circumcision he needs but a lobotomy.
A lot of times when a cat is trying to spit up a hair ball, it looks like they're on death's door,'' he said.
Because of her accent I thought she said: "Do you have a hair ball remedy?
25 ounce tube of Laxatone, the effective laxative, lubricant and hair ball removal gel for dogs and cats.
It contains folic acid, which is good for them, and while it may make them sick, this helps to get rid of unwanted things from their digestive system, like hair balls.