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a very small distance or space

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Instead the honour goes to his colleague Martin Hughes-Games, who says: "Many of the animals are just a hair's-breadth from extinction and sometimes the hopes of an entire species is concentrated in a few tiny, vulnerable babies.
THAT 5-2 offered by Cashmans after the Irish Derby about a clean sweep of the 2008 Irish Classics for Aidan O'Brien had dried to 1-4 following Moonstone's hair's-breadth win in the Darley Irish Oaks on Sunday.
For Mulelema, Alone's work in the quarries and the money it provides is literally the difference between eating and going hungry, and a hair's-breadth difference at that.
ONE agonising miss and dodgy refereeing decision and Scotland was a hair's-breadth away from Euro 2008.
But Slutskaya, the 27-year-old Russian, is a hair's-breadth behind, at 66.
Sir - I should like to draw attention to BBC Radio Cymru's Taro Nodyn (Strike a Note) - presented by Rhys Jones on Sunday mornings, which today (October 19) was followed by Wales' hair's-breadth defeat over Tonga in the Rugby World Cup.
He publicly revealed a dip in confidence and only made the final XI for Birmingham on a hair's-breadth decision.
But as he slowly picks up clues between hair's-breadth escapes, he doesn't like what he discovers.
Epsom trainer Terry Mills ended a 77-day wait for a winner when Master Soden recovered the stakes lost on him at Southwell last week with a hair's-breadth victory over Santandre in the mile handicap.
The odds are in favour of a hair's-breadth victory for the Tories.
The hair's-breadth majority casts doubts on John Major's aim of holding out for a 1997 election.
In celebration, Lecomte flies through huge swoops and hair's-breadth catches.
The pop sensation had another hair's-breadth escape in Buenos Aires, when his car was in collision with a lorry and sent hurtling off the road.
I came within a hair's-breadth of collapsing, for this god, or devil, had dressed itself in the flesh of my father.
After many hair's-breadth escapes, Carter was sworn in as a freshman senator.