hair's breadth

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And if there is I'll never trouble you a hair's breadth again, but will be, if you will let me, a very faithful friend.
He tried to get away from them, but they would not for an instant let his shoulder move a hair's breadth.
The sun marked midday when we closed our eyes; it was still in the same position when we opened them; nor had it varied a hair's breadth in the interim.
A hoof missed my brother's foot by a hair's breadth.
The figure, without blenching a hair's breadth from the sword which was pointed at his breast, made a solemn pause and lowered the cape of the cloak from about his face, yet not sufficiently for the spectators to catch a glimpse of it.
An improper sound it was to come from his manly chest; and what made it worse was the thought that for the least thing, by a mere hair's breadth, he might have taken this affair sentimentally.
I really know not how it might have turned out, if the monster, in his first headlong rush against Theseus, had not missed him, by a hair's breadth, and broken one of his horns short off against the stone wall.
She had taken its measure to a hair's breadth, she knew the worst and the best, she had accepted herself.
Thou hast never stepped a hair's breadth from the Way of Obedience.
To score 523 and then not only lose control of the game but also come within a hair's breadth of losing it, is a tough thing to accept.
Observing from outside the borough, it seems Labour came within a hair's breadth of a majority, which no other party came anywhere near doing.
Isis Brantley is a hair's breadth away from the end of her decades-long battle with the state to practice and teach African hair braiding in Texas, after a measure to deregulate the industry passed the Texas Senate on Wednesday and will head to Gov.
Heraclix is the necromancer's Frankenstein-like creation, sewn together from the corpses of troubled men; Pomp is a fairy who can bend time, and thought herself immortal-until the necromancer came within a hair's breadth of killing her.
SARAJEVO, Dec 29 (KUNA) -- Initial results of the first round of Croatian presidency elections showed incumbent Ivo Josipovic winning by a hair's breadth.
I'm delighted with the victory and it's so tough to win on this Tour - it's just a hair's breadth below the US Tour.