hair's breadth

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Just a hair's breadth from the title, she accepted that Vallejo had rightfully earned it.
Mascom Top 8 defending champions, Jwaneng Galaxy escaped Mochudi Centre Chiefs noose by a hair's breadth by beating them 4-3 on aggregate to book a place in the semi-finals during an emotionally game played in Jwaneng.
His daughter Danielle arranged the rest of his outfit and Denis was "thrilled" to be voted the winner, adding: "I won by a hair's breadth.
Sagan and Kristoff forced themselves to the head of the pack and crossed the finish line together with the 27-year-old winning by a hair's breadth.
Isis Brantley is a hair's breadth away from the end of her decades-long battle with the state to practice and teach African hair braiding in Texas, after a measure to deregulate the industry passed the Texas Senate on Wednesday and will head to Gov.
It's a dangerous business, adopting an animal's viewpoint--sentimentality is never more than a hair's breadth away.
Heraclix is the necromancer's Frankenstein-like creation, sewn together from the corpses of troubled men; Pomp is a fairy who can bend time, and thought herself immortal-until the necromancer came within a hair's breadth of killing her.
SARAJEVO, Dec 29 (KUNA) -- Initial results of the first round of Croatian presidency elections showed incumbent Ivo Josipovic winning by a hair's breadth.
I'm delighted with the victory and it's so tough to win on this Tour - it's just a hair's breadth below the US Tour.
Recorder Phillips said: "It was by a hair's breadth that you did not go to prison - the medical evidence made a difference.
Izindaba's Chris Bateman, fascinated by Pillay's unusual boldness in a climate where administrative chiefs tend to keep their heads down and leave the politicians to make excuses, reports on how he came within a hair's breadth of resigning in early June this year, functionally emasculated by politicians who contributed to the disenchantment of the Pretoria supplementary clean-up squad.
Subash scraped by a hair's breadth before snatching victory from the jaws of defeat to register a 7-6 (7-3) 6-7 (5-7), 13-11 victory over Anirudh Sriram.
Working on the nanoscale, which is 80,000 times smaller than a hair's breadth, the team have woven threads of atoms into the shape of five-point stars, creating building blocks of materials which are flexible and potentially shock absorbent.
That season he won the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud and Prix Foy and was beaten a hair's breadth into second in both the Dubai Sheema Classic and Hong Kong Vase.