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small pellet of ice that falls during a hailstorm

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One resident tweeted a picture of himself clutching a ball of hailstones in Shirley, while another posted a photograph of a hailstone the size of his fingernail.
On July 23, 2010, a hailstone fell out of a thunderstorm near Vivian, South Dakota.
The ability to effectively map the shape of hailstones will improve assessments of hailstone aerodynamic properties, how their density relates to their strength, and how radar energy is scattered.
THE rapidly improving Hailstone has been sold to continue his racing career in Hong Kong after climbing from a lowly rating of 75 to a mark of 100 under the care of Curragh trainer Patrick Prendergast.
Royal portrait artist Bernard Hailstone was happy to oblige and enjoyed many other encounters with famous sitters including former US president Jimmy Carter, whom he sketched during a flight from London to New York.
Eventually the hailstone becomes too heavy for the cloud to support, and the hail falls to the ground.
All Hailstone wanted was a way to teach his 10 homeschooled children the practical aspects of running a business while engaging with oven- and pizza-making, two hobbies he picked up while studying law in Italy.
PIC FOUR SEASONS IN ONE DAY Not long before a hailstone shower (inset) the sun shines on sideline cut in the Purcell Cup camogie final in Gort as CIT beat Maynooth yesterday PLAYER SHANE NOLAN was on top of his game as Kerry pulled off the shock of the weekend in the Allianz Hurling League.
Galang said that a hailstone is possible because hail is formed from thunderstorm clouds.
Giammanco's paper, "Observations of Hailstone Characteristics in Multi-cell and Supercell Thunderstorms," details the data collected during hail field research studies IBHS conducted in 2012 and 2013, which show that the hardness property of hailstones can be quantified through in-situ measurements.
Bacteria have been found within the embryo, the first part of a hailstone to develop.
One couple noticed an especially large hailstone in their backyard.
Mike Hailstone, the Ontario Geological Survey's resident geologist, says exploration activity, both grass roots and more in-depth, has never been busier.
The largest hailstone recovered in the US was in Aurora, Neb.
It's not a limited few people who live in the immediate area,'' Realtor Bruce Hailstone said.