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an epigrammatic Japanese verse form of three short lines

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Commendation conferment ceremony will be held at the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan later this year, in which the Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan will confer the commendation to Pakistan Haiku Society on behalf of the Foreign Minister of Japan, says a press release.
On 20th August 2015, the Government of Japan announced to confer this prestigious Japanese Foreign Minister's commendation to Pakistan Haiku Society.
To expand the interplay of gray and black, you can also accent the Vasteras Sofa by adorning it with the Haiku Designs' Chinese Calligraphy Throw, which features the Chinese Kanji character representing "Love" woven into 100% natural, unbleached cotton.
With Haiku Body In a big copper pot, the Afghan barks Sparrow, sparrow, sparrow The Afghan has blocked my sparrow's flight
The Katikati Haiku Pathway opened in summer 2000 with twenty-four inscribed stones and now has over thirty.
The 400 haiku poems written about science, will be collected together in a volume called Sciku: The Wonder of Science - in Haiku
Critique: Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry.
Haiku Deck is a great tool for a quick and dirty proof of concept as it requires you to focus your thoughts on key concepts.
A quiz night combining Japanese haiku poetry and film titles will be staged at the Spanish City Dome in Whitley Bay tomorrow.
Authorities in Japan have launched a manhunt for a 63-year-old writer of haiku poems in connection with the killing of five people in the western Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The Haiku Deck app, which is designed specifically for the iPad, makes it fast and easy to create clear and concise PowerPoint presentations.
Haiku probably has as little and as much to do with counting out syllables as measuring iambs does with writing a Shakespearian sonnet.
BRE[pounds sterling]KSEL (CyHAN)- In the midst of talks over the Greek financial crisis European Council President Herman Van Rompuy turned to haiku.
Among his topics are Haruki Murakami's After the Quake; the triptych between heaven and hell in Bosch, Beckmann, and Bacon; Ra'anaan Levy's metaphysical space, dreaming the ancestors and sustaining the world in Aboriginal art, visitation of the heavens as transpersonal experience in rock art, and the path of traditional haiku in America.
Martin Brown summed up Enid Blyton's Famous Five novels with haiku, a three line Japanese verse that capture a simple moment or observation.