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an outer garment consisting of a large piece of white cloth


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He buckles up his climbing belt, from which an assortment of palm-tapping tools hang in woven lontar-leaf sheaths, along with a basket called a haik, fashioned from the fan of the lontar leaf.
In addition to the haik and kapisak (a woven lontar-leaf satchel) used for collecting tuak manis, the broad lontar leaf is woven into everything from mats, fans, umbrellas, belts and betel nut boxes to containers for watering the garden, trays for winnowing rice, knife sheaths, thatch for roofing houses and handbags for transporting chickens to market.
With a technique similar to the one used when making a haik, the leaf is fashioned into a hemispherical sounding board into which a copper-stringed bamboo tube is inserted, producing a harp-like sound when plucked.
Des activistes de la societe civile et des chercheurs dans le patrimoine algerien intensifient les appels a l'effet de retablir l'identite algerienne du haik, le reconnaitre patrimoine vestimentaire national et, pourquoi pas, labelliser cet habit traditionnel avant qu'il ne tombe en desuetude.
Un habit typiquement algerien et etroitement lie a la vie citadine Pour Boualem Belachehab, directeur du Palais des rias et conservateur de patrimoine, le haik est etroitement lie a la a la vie citadine.
Plusieurs femmes sont sorties drapees de haiks immacules assortis de voilettes.
Des Associations sur le terrain Grace a certaines volontes et associations, le haik est redevenu un objet de debat et de rencontres conviviales.