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an outer garment consisting of a large piece of white cloth


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Haik, who served as executive director of emerging news products at the Washington Post before joining Mic, explained, 'That video that is currently soaring across social media--maybe it's a text-heavy explainer with dynamic motion graphics, or a video-driven news story with sharply concise captions--is less an evolution of video itself and more of an evolution of the hundreds and thousands of pieces of text-based journalism that are produced and consumed digitally.
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First author and UCSC graduate student James Guillochon (now an Einstein Fellow at Harvard University) and undergraduate Haik Manukian worked with Ramirez-Ruiz to run a series of detailed computer simulations of encounters between stars and black holes.
The project was supervised by Professor Yousuf Haik.
PITCHING THE IDEA James Reilly and Dr Haik Nikogosian with anti-smoking campaign kids in Croke Park yesterday
Hollywood ki kbsiirat aclAPound kAPound ra Salma Haik (l'he fang)
He also has experience in private practice, having served as a principal at Gray Plant Mooty and an attorney at Popham Haik.
High Honors: Samantha Aldrich, Collin Campbell, Maria Carrizo, Alexander Corbo, Spencer Corliss, Jordy Cruz, Anniesoet Deya, Jannely Diaz, Rashad Duncan, Tyler Ellison, Marissa Falconer, Zachary Frerichs Haik, David Girmay, Ashley Goodman, Claire Grossi, Antwonn Irenne, Arianna Johnson, Channel Keating, Janiela Maria, Benjamin Phaneuf, Saiyaa Phommatham, Isaac Rosado, Angela Salazar, Connor St.
The adoption of the Protocol is the result of close cooperation between multiple sectors of government,' said the Head of the Secretariat of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), Haik Nikogosian.
Diack, Diane Ritchie, Matthew Bishop, Victoria Pinion, Jean-Philippe Brandel, Stephane Haik, Fabrizio Tagliavini, Cornelia Van Duijn, Ermias D.
Head of the Syrian Association of Canada Jihan Haik said that the Syrian government expressed readiness to commit to any Arab and international initiative that help stop the bloodshed of the Syrians and restores security and stability and agreed on the UN Envoy Kofi Annan's plan to receive 300 international observers, meanwhile the terrorist attacks were escalated against law-enforcement members, civilians and properties.
Patent 7,842,281 (November 30, 2010), "Magnetic Particle Composition for Therapeutic Hyperthermia," Yousef Haik and Ching-Jen Chen (The Florida State University Research Foundation, Tallahassee, Florida, USA).
The WHO FCTC is the most powerful tobacco control tool at our disposal, and countries should take full advantage of it," says Head of the Convention Secretariat, Dr Haik Nikogosian.
Venezuelan filmmaker Haik Gazarian edited his debut feature "Venezzia" after local distrib Cines Unidos test-screened it.
Honorary bridesmaids included Margaret Jennings Barnes, Ana Maria Echiburu, Stephanie Emma Haik, Leslie Dyess May, and Tiffany Carol Runnels.