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an outer garment consisting of a large piece of white cloth


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8 million) grant to the consortium to expand the aelectronic nosea breathalyzer technology that Haick has been developing since he joined the Technion in 2006.
It will be made tinier and cheaper than disease detection solutions currently, consume little power, and most importantly, it will enable immediate and early diagnosis that is both accurate and non-invasive,a said Haick.
Because the registration is through the Coursera MOOC website, some registrants initially don't realize the course is being taught by an Israeli Arab scientist at the Technion, said Haick, and when they do, some professors and students "unregister.
Asked why he thought the course was attracting so much interest in the neighborhood, Haick said: "Because nanotechnology and nanosensors are perceived as futuristic, and people are curious to understand what the future looks like.
He and the Technion already have a startup together, developing what he calls "an electronic nose'' -- a sensory array that mimics the way a dog's nose works to detect what Haick and his team have proved to be unique markers in exhaled breath that reveal different cancers in the body.
Lavie, Haick explained, "thinks there is a high need to bring science beyond the boundaries between countries.
The Technion is funding the project, which took nine months to prepare, and Haick is donating the lectures.
Serving as program and registry attendants were Ellen Virginia Haick, Elizabeth Young Parker, and Mary Cosby Parker, all cousins of the bride.