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literature narrating the lives (and legends) of the saints

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Interestingly the idea of the sexualized Mary Magdalene has risen from hagiology (literature about the lives and legends of saints): there is in fact no explicit statement of her sin being of a sexual nature recorded in the Bible (Haskins).
However, with MacDonald as our guide, it is easy to see why the story of Sultan Tajuddin has been all but erased from official Brunei hagiology.
Books Moran had earlier published had won him renown as a scholar second to none in Irish hagiology and Church history, and he enjoyed a substantial correspondence with other writers and researchers, including the prominent poet Aubrey Thomas de Vere, a Catholic convert close to the ageing Wordsworth-Coleridge circle, with strong antiquarian and political interests.
It began on the Monday with a lecture entitled Dyspeptic Hagiology Biologically Considered and Quantitatively Analysed, leavened by the Beecham Guinea Orchestra of Coloured Specialists and the Holloway Knockabouts.
Cornell University Press, 1994], 12-13) discusses Graus's contribution to the field of hagiology.
74] Islam's evolving hagiology also attributed paradigmatic status to her miracles.