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literature narrating the lives (and legends) of the saints

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In the accompanying catalogue Sven Gahlin expanded on Zebrowski's idea by saying the manuscript is either a romance based on contemporary events, or a hagiological work concerning the historical figure of Sufi dervish Shah Mahmud Ni'matullahi in relation to the Qutb Shahis.
Intricately involved in both those developments, throughout this period, was a mysterious process of creative experimentation and gradual establishment of new popular (as well as more specialized) socio-religious institutions and spiritual paths, eventually resulting--to take only one almost universally visible example--in the omnipresence of the complex of rituals, spiritual practices, hagiological assumptions, affiliations, experiences, and social institutions surrounding the practice of ziyara ('visitation').
One of the things that seem to me to distance the novela from the typical anti-Classical comedia is its narrowing of the traditional sensibility gap between representations of secular life (obras humanas) and their biblical and hagiological counterparts (obras divinas).
Early hagiological practice had much in common with that of Lucca, but following the liturgical reforms of 1310, Florence consciously aligned itself with Roman practice.
Her use of hagiological secondary literature to support her approach to Golden-Age theatre suffers from that literature having been written for the most part about late Antique or Early Medieval Europe, rather than the very different intellectual and devotional climate of sixteenth-century and seventeenth-century Spain.