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Synonyms for hagiolatry

the worship of saints


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This is hagiolatry at its most flagrant, the apotheosis of dorm-room art.
71); and an equally unprecedented surge in hagiolatry and pilgrimage rites connected to the shrines of venerated "saints.
Here, peasants used the symbolism and practices of hagiolatry to articulate not only their grievances, but distinctions between themselves and their enemies as well.
Certainly elements are there - the dislike of modernity in almost any form, the belief in an eternal France, the respect for the Constitution and above all for the figure of the President and of De Gaulle in particular for whom his admiration extended at times almost to a form of hagiolatry.
It is an image well suited to hagiolatry in which details of her saintly portrait were filled in with vague monastic hearsay, dubious testimonies and fine Edinburgh hair.