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a biography that idealizes or idolizes the person (especially a person who is a saint)

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writes cogently and persuasively and makes a valuable contribution to the theorization of hagiography as a literary genre, at once integrating his analysis of the lives of the saints within the broader discipline of literary theory and carefully distinguishing the unique characteristics of the hagiographic genre.
Collins locates the explanation for the German humanists' creative vigour in the field of hagiography in their desire to use saints' lives as vehicles for the reforms of religious and moral life that they sought to promote.
To provide evidence for his thesis, Kleinberg examines several saints' lives in detail while spending intervening chapters analyzing changes in the genre of hagiography.
Personal Recollections of loan of Arc is linked to fairytale, epic, and hagiography.
This would ignite yet another controversy when Rivera produced a surreal montage of Soviet hagiography and proletarian revolt.
An elegant handbook of hagiography, the Mornins' compendium allies a brief biography of 137 saints with sculpture, painting and fresco, marble and stone relief, stained glass, woodcut, plaster, prayer card, and mosaic images rich in symbol and period detail.
It comes as no surprise that the subjects of this humanist hagiography were often figures from late antiquity, those Church Fathers, such as Augustine and Jerome, so beloved of classicizing authors from Petrarch on.
I'm starting to feel embarrassed,'' she said of all the hagiography at one point -- and that was before the montage focusing on her fashion sense.
The reader gets a heavy dose of Olson's devotion to Flacius and revulsion of Melanchthon, leading this reviewer to wonder whether Olson tends toward presenting a hagiography rather than a biography.
A combination of biography, philosophy, and story, The Great Mission is an hagiography which is unique from the many books previously written about Ball Shem Tov who founded the Chasidic movement.
Despite this, the book is not an exercise in hagiography but an attempt to rescue the family from 'scholarly neglect'.
In keeping with this not so subtle agenda, CTV's latest Signature Series movie presentation Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story is classic sombre Canadian hagiography.
When Saul Bellow died, I was struck by the hagiography that accompanied him graveside.
A hagiography of that woman who went to serve street alcoholics
The author admits at the end of the book that Winfrey's "ethos of self-help is false" (233), and her "democracy of suffering is unappealing" (235); but prior to this point, the book is a hagiography.