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a biography that idealizes or idolizes the person (especially a person who is a saint)

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As Methodist missionaries introduced the Wesleys in various areas of the world, the Wesleys that they portrayed are precisely those that Wesley scholars in the latter third of the twentieth century have worked diligently to deconstruct, namely, the Wesleys of the early hagiographic period in Wesley studies.
In fact, however, this question of the specific merits or shortcomings of Zacharias's Life of Severus as a resource for understanding what actually happened "on the ground" in Alexandria in the closing decades of the fifth century is but a busy distraction from the much larger question of the use of hagiographic texts at all to make the sorts of factual claims about inter-communal violence in late antiquity that Watts seeks to make in this book.
Kitchen also reminds us that Christianity often blurred gender distinctions and that it is difficult if not impossible to interpret hagiographic literature within traditional categories of gender because they often no longer apply to the holy who become sexless.
The author did not see the book through press, and one can find examples of repetition, misprints, and other minor flaws of presentation, but the abundant harvest of material here, from both manuscript and printed sources, is a fitting reflection of Michael Goodich's active and enduring fascination with the saints, miracles, and hagiographic writings of high medieval Europe.
There are also separate indexes of bibles and of liturgies (including identification of 'Use' for Horae), of iconography (including not simply biblical and hagiographic materials but references to passing drawings), of origins and dates of manuscripts, and of secundo folios.
Though Smallman clearly has great respect for his subject and does not stint praise, he avoids the hagiographic tone adopted by some previous authors, at times offering gentle criticism (see pp.
It does seem, however, that female saintly heroism is exceptional within Anglo-Saxon literature and reflects absorption of the Latin hagiographic tradition.
There has been a great deal of hagiographic commentary this week about her political legacy but the reality is the world has moved on from the days when Thatcher roamed the earth.
Instead Arroyos prose is laced with thinly veiled hagiographic comments, even when describing her conflicts with U.
is aware of this hagiographic tendency and its destructive results, and she suggests that within actual family life (and she offers concrete examples from her own experience of raising four young children) are precisely the occasions where grace is experienced.
In chapter four, the dark note pervades also the parallelisms Rinaldi finds among the hagiographic text Vita S.
While FDR is often credited with ameliorating the effects of the Great Depression if not actually saving capitalism, as the self-described conservative publishing magnate Conrad Black recently suggested in his hagiographic Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom--critics continue to denounce his failure to secure the civil rights of African Americans.
Building on some 2,000 case histories of spiritual affliction from the Bavarian Beacon hagiographic miracle book, court records, and other ecclesiastical, legal, and financial sources, Lederer describes a heyday of ritual pilgrimage, prayer, penance, and saint-cults, which resulted in growing state opposition to clerical treatment of mental-spiritual afflictions.
And recent scholars, especially those with an inclination for things medieval or early modern, have had a heyday with quaint tales of peregrinating hermits and hagiographic accounts of holy females such as Hildegard of Bingen.
As the subtitle might suggest, the book's analysis tends towards the hagiographic.