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Synonyms for haggling

an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)

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Momaya was determined to give all that Bukawai asked if she could do no better, but haggling is second nature to black barterers, and in the end it partly repaid her, for a compromise finally was reached which included three fat goats, a new sleeping mat, and a piece of copper wire.
Their survey found that only 52 per cent of new car buyers are prepared for "very hard" or "hard" haggling.
Sainsbury's Bank loans manager Steven Baillie said: "When purchasing a brand new car, motorists can save thousands by haggling over the price they pay and by making sure that they shop around and take out the right loan or finance scheme for them.
Both sides are haggling over a highly contested public safety funding law adopted by the supervisors in 1995 after a citizens' group collected 57,000 signatures to put it on the ballot.
HaggleWare is the only haggling application currently available for licensing and can give these sites a unique look and feel.
Kop boss Kenny Dalglish wants Enrique and is closing in on a deal - as first revealed by Football Spy in February - with the two clubs haggling over valuations and possible exchange deals.
5billion a year by haggling abroad, knocking 23 per cent on average off the price of goods.
Editor David Motton said: "Salesmen will sometimes try to persuade you that a cashback deal or interest-free finance package puts an end to haggling.
California's ongoing haggling with neighboring states and farmers over Colorado River water has forced Southern Californians to look at their future water supply.
Excessive haggling by tourists visiting developing countries could be keeping poor street traders in poverty, a British aid agency warned yesterday.
the nation's largest retailer of used cars, indicated that getting a fair price without haggling is more important than negotiating the price when choosing where to buy a new or used vehicle.
I pop along to Curry's to see if my haggling is any better on a retail park than in the city centre.
Gerber, who lectures corporate purchasing agents on the art of negotiating, said the key to successful haggling is to show a little class.