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an intense bargainer

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Perhaps this trend simply follows an increase in the overall number of unauthorized absences, or it reflects commanders' perception that absence without leave and desertion are more serious offenses in times of armed conflict," Haggler wrote.
However, to get everything done for an affordable price, he had to be a great haggler and a bit of a do-it-yourselfer.
29) Clive's secretary, Henry Strachey, had a poor opinion of Wright, who he called 'an arrant picture dealer, a haggler, and by no means to be treated with as a gentleman'.
Two-thirds of Brits also say they like to haggle and get a deal, with Alan Sugar named top haggler.
This may may not sound very British, but learning to be a good haggler can save a fortune.
Survivors include four daughters, Joyce Nickelson and Sharon Steele, both of Springfield and Janet Froehlich of Eugene; a son, Gary of Bend; a sister, Shirley Haggler of Oregon; eight grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.
And the best bargainers will win big prizes with a really special prize for the region's top haggler.
But as we've said before, you need to be careful with this sort of promotion because if you're a good haggler you could get more off the price of your new car than the offer.
Dollars given in good will to help people, though, tend to flow a bit more easily than cash between hawkers and haggler.
My mate Tommy Staunton is a professional haggler with a typical Liverpool sense of humour He recently inquired about a phone the guy behind the counter said he had brought from America and had altered to our system.
There's the price haggler, and the multiple-surgeon shopper and then the paranoid personality.
I asked Fabiana whether she would always entertain the high-street haggler.
The embarrassment factor alone when asking for a discount is generally enough to deter the would-be haggler.
And if you fancy yourself as a bit of a haggler, all the better for Icmeler market.