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eellike cyclostome having a tongue with horny teeth in a round mouth surrounded by eight tentacles

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Legal hagfish must measure 12 inches (fork length) and the daily bag limit is five per angler.
It would have to include the hagfish, which I found fascinating, funny and totally gross.
Lookdown Selene vomer Longspine squirrelfish Holocentrus rufus Jack (genus) Caranx Gulf hagfish Eptatretus springeri Gulf flounder Paralichthys albigutta Gafftopsail catfish Bagre marinus Dog snapper Lutjanus jocu Decapod (order) Decapoda Big roughy Gephyroberyx darwinii Cusk-eel (genus) Lepophidium Cownose ray Rhinoptera bonasus Cottonwick Haemulon melanurum Cottonmouth jack Uraspis secunda Cardinal soldierfish Plectrypops retrospinus Butterfly ray Gymnura sp.
If you invite a hagfish to dinner, be sure to serve something dead.
Transcriptome analysis of hagfish leukocytes: a framework for understanding the immune system of jawless fishes.
The hagfish, an ugly half-metre long creature with an eel-like body, exudes copious amounts of gelatinous goo when touched - and provides the perfect slippery get-away from underwater predators.
The New Deal was a grand experiment carried out for its own sake as much as for impoverished Americans, and the Brain Trusters exuded an improvisational enthusiasm that masked the purpose of the revolutionaries in power: "Like a hagfish," Garrett wrote, "the New Deal entered the old form and devoured its meaning from within.
It might have been similar to the hagfish to begin with, which feeds near the bottom and has rudimentary eyes.
The River Tyne and South Shields pier have had mainly whiting with the odd cod and I'm told the Tyne Harbour is still full of hagfish.
Some operations, like the federal fisheries councils that are exempted from conflict-of-interest laws, are so industry-dominated it would make a hagfish gag.
After months of conflict between corporate and community-based fishermen, industry processors, recreational fishers, and environmentalists, Congress now appears gridlocked on reauthorizing the Magnuson Act, America's main fishing law, so rife with insider trading it would make a hagfish gag.
One of Downer's nominations for the weirdest animal of all is the hagfish which he says manufactures mucus at an alarming rate.