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Synonyms for hag-ridden

tormented or harassed by nightmares or unreasonable fears

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The Tory Government was hag-ridden by the memory of the 1974 strike, which destroyed Edward Heath's Government, and spent time and money in preparing for the re-match.
1) is obviously hag-ridden in his dislike for Bush, his strategies, his cowboy boots - he probably hates peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
To bring to a large audience the gradual collapse of a man hag-ridden with 'o'er vaulting ambition' but without the ruthlessness to achieve it requires the ability to project both sensitivity and flawed strength.
But it is hag-ridden with glitches which just shouldn't be there.
Rowse used to say that Neale used the brilliant, hag-ridden medievalist Eileen Power as a role model for the queen, but this may only be hearsay, since quips flew from Rowse's lips at a rate of knots on a good day.