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related to malaria parasite and having a phase in the viscera of various birds

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WBC levels were not related to Sarcocystis and papilloma virus infection, nor to the interaction of these tissue parasites with haemoproteid infection (analyses not shown).
15) when haemoproteid intensity was included in the model.
Haemoproteid infections are common in neotropical passerines found within the Caribbean region.
The absence of visible haemoproteid infection in Elaenia martinica in this study is consistent with the low prevalence of Haemoproteus in other species of Elaenia in continental localities (3-10%; White et al.
Haemoproteid infection in emberizines on Jamaica was quite low (3%; Bennett et al.
The prevalence of haemoproteid infection in Vireo altiloquus is not unusual compared to other neotropical species of the genus Vireo.
The positive relationship between WBC levels and the intensity of haemoproteid infection recalls hematological changes that accompany infection with other avian hematozoa, such as Leucocytozoon spp.
infect passerine birds on Aldabra (Lowery 1974), but haemoproteids are rare on the Mascarene Islands (Pierce et al.
Of the four species infected with haemoproteids, the probability of infection varied significantly among islands in Coereba flaveola (log-likelihood [[chi].
The presence of haemoproteids in some avian hosts indicates that suitable ceratopogonid and hippoboscid vectors are present in the area; however, the low number of infections recorded suggests that vector densities are low.
The haemoproteids of the hummingbird family Trochilidae.