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someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding

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Campaigners said about 365 haemophiliacs and up to 1200 other people were infected.
There has not been justice for haemophiliacs themselves and gender discrimination in terms of lack of justice for widows and carers is rampant.
From 1985 to two years ago we had six members of our family, all haemophiliacs, affected by HIV.
But figures which also suggest that, however dispassionate the analysis, steps to prevent the remainder of the haemophiliac population becoming sero-positive are likely to have a strong cost-benefit plus in terms of lives saved.
A lot of haemophiliacs died with society looking down on them because of the way HIV used to be viewed.
TaintedBlood - the pressure group representing haemophiliacs infected with HIV and Hepatitis C after receiving the treatment - also said it hoped the Government would get involved with the case when it came to Britain.
Ian Franklin, professor of transfusion medicine at the University of Glasgow, told the independent probe into the deaths of nearly 2,000 haemophiliacs exposed to HIV and Hepatitis C that concerns about HIV/Aids infection were first raised in 1983.
A no-fault payment was made by the Government in 1991 to haemophiliacs who had been infected with HIV.
Both his haemophiliac sons contracted hepatitis C, and one HIV.
One of my uncles was a severe haemophiliac and got a kidney transplant.
Haemophiliac Peter had contracted HIV and hepatitis C after receiving contaminated NHS blood which had come from prisoners in America.
Haemophiliac Haydn Lewis, from Penylan, Cardiff, contracted the deadly virus after he was infused with contaminated blood.
A haemophiliac, he was exposed to contaminated blood more than 20 years ago and has HIV and hepatitis C.
A haemophiliac who has been told he may develop vCJD after receiving blood from a donor who later died of the disease yesterday said the Government should be held to account for the blunder.
A HAEMOPHILIAC patient from Warrington said he was ``horrified'' after being told he may be at risk of the human form of mad cow disease from blood plasma products received in the NHS.