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any substance that can cause lysis (destruction) of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and the release of their hemoglobin

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cereus isolates, haemolysin BL (HBL) and non-haemolytic enterotoxin (NHE) have been characterized.
The pathogenicity of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and the role of the thermostable direct haemolysin and related haemolysin.
The extent of haemolysin production varied within different isolates as evidenced by the zone of clearance on blood agar.
Nucleotide sequence comparison of haemolysin encoding hlyA gene from classical and El Tor strains reveal the presence of an 11 base-pair deletion in classical strains that results in a truncated protein product of 27 kilodaltons in classical strains rendering it non haemolytic, whereas in El Tor strains the HlyA is intact 82 kilodalton and biologically active (12).
coli (STEC) washed sheep RBC haemolysin Vero cell assay stx with or without eae Enteroaggregative Adhesion assay with aggR regulon E.