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the branch of physiology that studies the circulation of the blood and the forces involved

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To study the association between the changes in renal haemodynamics and excretory function, several biochemical parameters were measured and the changes in basal renal haemodynamic parameters and renal vasoconstrictor responses to renal nerve stimulation (RNS) were recorded.
The evidence was grouped into the following categories: demographic data, ventilation strategies, prone protocols, responder and non-responder groups, mortality, prone complications, responder outcomes, overall oxygenation outcomes and haemodynamic outcomes.
Recent research has employed duplex ultrasound (Doppler with B-mode real-time imaging capability) to quantify positional haemodynamic parameters and determine whether subjects testing positive differ from negative subjects.
Chronic Treatment with Beta Adrenoceptor Blockade on Exercise Performance, Haemodynamic and Metabolic Parameters in Healthy Men and Women.
Biopharma companies will be able to make faster and more confident decisions about the cardiovascular effects of their compounds with the combination of Quintiles' therapeutic expertise and dabl's proprietary technology and excellence in providing haemodynamic profiles.
Haemodynamic monitoring (wired and telemetric monitors) for 2 IMC-stations, transmission over existing wireless.
Patients included were also required to have had stable haemodynamic and respiratory parameters over the previous 12 hours.
The patient's systolic blood pressure rose to 100 mmHg temporarily, but decreased thereafter with progressive haemodynamic instability and a decrease in systolic blood pressure to 30 to 40 mmHg.
A high or total (complete) spinal block is an anaesthetic emergency and prompt and definitive treatment and management should proceed before the airway protective reflexes are lost, ventilation becomes compromised or haemodynamic collapse happens (asystole or pulseless electrical activity).
Forty-eight hours after admission the patient had an episode of haemodynamic instability suggestive of septic shock, which was also associated with a drop of 15 points in haematocrit levels (haematocrit: 24, WBC: 33 000).
The clinical manifestations of such patients vary from asymptomatic to haemodynamic instability.
17) Three mechanisms viz, direct or indirect haemodynamic effects, direct contrast medium molecule tubular toxicity, and endogenous biochemical disturbances have been proposed for the pathophysiology of contrast-induced ARF.