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dialysis of the blood to remove toxic substances or metabolic wastes from the bloodstream


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Hence, a study was undertaken to estimate the seroprevalence of HCV in general population, with special reference to haemodialysis patients.
21] The spread of HCV in haemodialysis units is declining, but the prevalence of HCV continues to remain high in this group of patients.
Effects of intradialytic exercise training on health-related quality of life indices in haemodialysis patients.
Haemodialysis in an emerging centre in a developing country: a two year review and predictors of mortality.
Glycosylated haemoglobin in nondiabetic end-stage Renal disease patients undergoing haemodialysis.
The use of a tunnelled central venous catheter (CVC) for haemodialysis is considered a short- to medium-term access solution (Hassan et al.
Our dialysis centre lies within a major metropolitan teaching hospital in South Australia and caters for approximately 24 chronic and acute haemodialysis episodes per day.
3) But vascular access can limit haemodialysis, especially in patients with poor veins, and may cause death in patients with ESRD.
Haemodialysis via IVC catheters has not been widely practised.
Perceptive deafness in subjects with renal failure treated with haemodialysis and Polybrene.
Heating evaluation with distortion-product otoacoustic emissions in young patients undergoing haemodialysis.
This will be a replacement programme for Haemodialysis machines, potential suppliers will need to provide equipment which will have the following:
Maximum number of patients underwent seroconversion between 6 months to 1 year after the start of haemodialysis.
Recent authors have shown the clear cost benefits of innovative therapies, such as sDHD and NHHD, over conventional haemodialysis (Agar, 2007; Agar et al.
The haemodialysis machine as a lifeline: Experiences of suffering from end-stage renal disease.