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the formation of blood cells in the living body (especially in the bone marrow)

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The CT features were typical of extramedullary haematopoiesis (EMH), defined as the development and growth of haematopoietic tissue outside the bone marrow.
29) Physiologically leptin is involved in regulation of appetite, food intake, sexual maturation, haematopoiesis and activity of hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis.
The ability of IL25 to induce the emergence of an MPP cell population identifies a link between the IL17 cytokine family and extramedullary haematopoiesis and suggests a previously unrecognized innate immune pathway that promotes TH2 cytokine responses at mucosal sites.
Since SDF-1[alpha] is a potent lymphocyte chemoattractant and is involved in haematopoiesis (24), the G allele along with the other linked alleles might alter SDF-1[alpha] levels and may influence recruitment of T lymphocyte and other immune cells to the site of infection as well as replenishment of lymphocytes and hence may be associated with susceptibility to PTB in HIV patients.
In vitro studies show that tumor necrosis factor TNF-[alpha] and interferon-[gamma] induced suppression of human haematopoiesis is in part mediated by NO (25).
Primary acquired sideroblastic anaemia, which involves abnormal haematopoiesis, is idiopathic, as it is not clear what the cause of defective haem synthesis is in the abnormal erythroid clone (3) This type of sideroblastic anaemia is the one most commonly seen in the haematology laboratory, as it is part of the myelodysplastic syndromes--a series of clonal haematopoietic stem cell diseases.
The most consistent HIV-related haematopoietic abnormality is the failure of bone marrow regeneration in which on-demand haematopoiesis is suppressed.
They are also blood-cell factories Bone marrow deep reside each bone manufactures blood cells in a process called haematopoiesis.
Increased serum levels of transforming growth factor beta1 in patients affected by thrombotic thrombocytopenic pur pura (TTP): its implications on bone marrow haematopoiesis.
Bone Marrow/Trephine biopsy report showed diffuse infiltration with blast cells with overall cellularity around 80-85% and suppressed normal haematopoiesis.
With these distinct components, the spleen performs a variety of functions including filtration, erythrocyte culling, platelet reservoir, haematopoiesis as well as immune surveillance and response.
Humoral defence improvement and haematopoiesis stimulation in sows and offspring by oral supply of shark-liver oil to mothers during gestation and lactation.
These changes are often caused by diseases that affect haematopoiesis at various levels, [10] as is the case with malaria.