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a localized swelling filled with blood

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CT scan of the abdomen was performed, which revealed a 10cm RUQ mass, compressing on and contiguous with 2nd part of duodenum, presumed to be a sizeable haematoma.
Once the diagnosis of gastric outlet obstruction due to compressing haematoma was established on CT, she received vitamin K and subsequently was managed conservatively under the combined care of the surgeons, haematologist, cardiologist and nutritionists.
Sinert R, Scalea T Retropharyngeal and bowel haematomas in an anticoagulated patient.
This showed a marked right-sided pre-vertebral haematoma extending from the level of the hyoid bone into the posterior mediastinum and right pleural cavity.
There was a haematoma adjacent to the left trigone which was hyperintense on T1 (Fig.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans of babies who suffered subdural haematomas at birth revealed that after a month there was no sign of their injuries.
A subsequent MRI scan at age four weeks showed complete resolution of the haematoma in all babies.
To help prevent aural haematomas, look after your dog's ears.
A THIS is probably an aural haematoma, the most common injury to a dog's earflap.
Retropharyngeal haematoma is a rare and potentially fatal cause of airway obstruction.
We report an 87-year-old patient who presented with a delayed airway obstruction due to haematoma development following inadvertent carotid artery puncture.
Neck haematomas most frequently develop post blunt traumatic injury (3); hyperextension injuries with or without associated cervical fractures appears to be an increasing feature (4).
A posterior fossa haematoma and further neurological deterioration complicated external ventricular drainage presumably due to sudden intracranial hypotension.
Any dog of any age can develop an ear haematoma, although they are more common in those with ear flaps which hang down such as Golden Retrievers