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a localized swelling filled with blood

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The treatment will depend on how quickly the haematoma is identified and its size but can consist of a minor surgical procedure.
A posterior communicating artery aneurysm rarely presents with a posterior fossa subdural haematoma.
After the operation we saw that we had been able to eliminate these haematoma but also sadly the appearance of various bilateral lesions.
Dural prostate adenocarcinoma metastasis with subdural haematoma mimicking the appearance of an epidural hematoma.
His son, Serdar, reportedly said that part of the haematoma is old and part of it newer.
If it were just a matter of the fracture, I think I would get the all-clear this week, but it depends on what has happened with the haematoma as to when I can get back race-riding.
Dr George Thomas, a pathologist for Calderdale and Huddersfield Trust, said evidence indicated he had died two-days earlier on the evening of May 20 after sustaining a serious subdural haematoma, bleeding caused by hitting his head on the wall.
After undergoing surgery, Mrs Wainwright failed to improve and she died on February 26 of a subdural haematoma and brain stem haemorrhage.
There was a haematoma adjacent to the left trigone which was hyperintense on T1 (Fig.
A post-mortem revealed Cooper had suffered a cracked skull after a fall which led to a haematoma.
Alternatively, following a strategy first tried by clinical investigators more than 20 years ago, a catheter can be inserted into the haematoma using stereotaxy via a small hole in the skull with subsequent administration of a drug that dissolves the partially clotted blood.
Experts found a catalogue separate injuries when he was examined by a pathologist - including the subdural haematoma brain injury that eventually killed him.
But the injury was then diagnosed as a haematoma, a localised collection of blood inside a muscle.