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a doctor who specializes in diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs

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The haematologist reiterated that there was urgency to cultivate this altruistic spirit as blood is otherwise also needed by many of the patients with no donor available in normal circumstances.
Haematologists are also experts on cancer of the blood (leukaemia) and on blood clotting problems such as haemophilia.
Before that time haematologists could either train as haematological pathologists, or as paediatricians or physicians.
These children are entitled to proper care and we need the immediate announcement of positions for at least two specialists -- a child oncologist and a child haematologist," said Kyriakidou.
The pioneering move using umbilical cords by haematologists at Heartlands Hospital is giving new hope to blood cancer patients, many of whom have died because they were unable to find a bone marrow donor.
The meeting discussed new draft law in detail which was attended by Secretary Health Jawad Rafiq Malik, Secretary PBTA Dr Jaffar Saleem, Haematologist Dr Jaweria, Law Officers of Punjab Health Department and other concerned officers.
590 of 29 June 2001 (Government Notice) (1) states that a clinical haematologist shall have completed 4 years of training as a registrar in Medicine and then 2 years in Pathology (Haematological).
The consultant haematologist said: "There has been a problem with consultants and staff parking since the hospital opened in July.
Consultant haematologist Richard Murrin, who specialises in blood diseases at City Hospital, will be fostering relationships with health colleagues in the former communist state.
He was placed on probation for six months and ordered to work under the supervision of a consultant haematologist by the General Medical Council.
The haematologist and bone marrow surgeon said efforts are underway to establish Umbilical Cord Blood Bank in the country with due attention to educate masses that bone marrow donors are not at any risk nor need to go any surgery or procedure.
Consultant Haematologist with the Midwestern Health Board Dr Mary Cahill said it was standard practice to recheck blood groups before any emergency transfusion.
E Matutes, Consultant Haematologist, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Section of Haemato-Oncology, Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK