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Synonyms for haematogenic

pertaining to the formation of blood or blood cells

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Infectious process at a leucosis is characterized by the following stages: incubatory (preleukemic) --from the moment of infection before synthesis of antibodies; asymptomatic (initial)--from emergence of antibodies before detection of hematologic changes; the hematologic--which indicator is persistent achroacytosis and stages of tumoral growth of malignant tumors in fabrics of the haematogenic, lymphoid and other bodies.
At a tumoral (terminal) stage the illness quickly progresses, is shown by growth of malignant tumors in fabrics of the haematogenic and lymphoid systems, easing and exhaustion of the haematogenic bodies, blockade of immune system and death of animals.
Cerebrovascular involvement in systemic AA and AL amyloidosis: a clear haematogenic pattern.