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the principal form of iron ore


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The haematite and goethite occurrences are interpreted to result from alteration and enrichment of the magnetite-bearing BIF, particularly in areas of complex folding.
Furthermore clear, localised, well-defined, high magnetic anomalies could be observed around the western and west-central portions of the aeromagnetic maps of the study area (Figures 2 and 3) Total magnetic intensity values in the aforementioned areas varied from 7960nT to 8020nT, whereas residual magnetic intensity values ranged from 160nT to 220nT Iron ore is being mined by unskilled miners about 4km north of the town of Nasarawa Eggon; it could thus be inferred that the localised and well-defined high magnetic anomalies may have been associated with the presence of iron ore (having high magnetite to haematite ratio) or other metal-liferous mineral deposits within the basement rocks in the area.
On all three drill sections the granite has been intensely and pervasively altered by deep red haematite, specular haematite (shiny and reflective) and chlorite.
b) Haematite Ore, with composition of Haematite mineral (Fe2O3) in reddish yellow color having a iron ore content of 40% to 65 %
The most widely used lamellar pigment for anticorrosive barrier coatings is micaceous iron oxide (MIO), which essentially is a type of haematite ([Fe.
Parry, Jens Ormo and Goro Komatsu, "A Possible Terrestrial Analogue for Haematite Concretions on Mars," Nature 429, 731-734 (17 June 2004).
Outline in a choice of onyx, haematite grey, topaz, azurite, jade or agate with Prestige Mineral Eyeliner Pencil for pounds 4.
Simandou is a major new, high quality haematite deposit (with a targeted grade of 65 per cent iron) in proximity to the Atlantic Basin and the Middle East.
5 mtpa Frances Creek haematite iron ore project located north of the regional town of Pine Creek on the Stuart Highway, 190 km south of Darwin with the existing Alice Springs to Darwin rail line running within 15 kms of the project.
Games launched include two completely new titles, Solomon's Stones (a strategy game played with luxurious haematite gemstone pieces) and Saikoro (navigate the grid using 62 dice in one of 1,759,452 zillion zillion possibilities).
The unusual pieces are available in a whole range of colours from black haematite to the bright Amber Sun, pictured, or opt for vibrant shades of pink, blue, crimson and white.
As well as being a perfectly nice bracelet, itOs made from magnetic haematite, which has been used for centuries to create a sense of calm and boost brain power.
Tried and tested WHEN I tested the magnet therapy, I tried it out by using a Haematite bracelet.
Most beautiful, however, is the magnificent set of necklace, bracelet and earrings made from genuine ancient Assyrian cylinder seals of carnelian, chalcedony, agate and haematite, in heavy gold settings, given by Layard to his wife as a wedding present and shown here in its original leather case.
According to Waegeman, the adamas has been identified with haematite, (70) in which case it would be red in colour, similar to the pantarbe.