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a medicine that increases the hemoglobin content of the blood

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Haematinics are a crucial test and the aim should be to try and withhold transfusion until these results are known in case they can easily be replaced thereby negating the need for blood products.
Clinicians should consider nontransfusion options such as haematinics in the management of anaemia.
All qualitative variables like age distribution, gender, family history, history of taking haematinics and signs of pallor were reported by using percentages.
To counter the haemolyticanaemia, haematinic injection (Feritasa) was given @ 1ml/50 kg b.
4) In patients presenting with anaemia, baseline haematinic studies including serum ferritin, serum [B.
5,38) The findings of the present study further supports the basis of anaemia prevention in sub-Saharan Africa, which is hinged on control of malaria and haematinic supplementation.
Haematinic deficiency and macrocytosis in middle-aged and older adults.
AIMS & OBJECTIVES: Our aim was to study the aetio pathogenesis of recurrent aphthous stomatitis, to find out the various aetiological factors causing this condition and to find out the relation between haematinic deficiencies and RAS.
2015), Information awareness and utilization of haematinics among pregnant women in Nigeria, Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Sciences 4(10); 240-247, Basic Research Journal
Symptomatic treatment was given for 5 cases of puberty menorrhagia with blood transfusion, haematinics and NSAIDS.
Furthermore, all the 25 FGs mentioned the use of haematinics in the treatment and prevention of anaemia but only 4 FGs knew about the use of food-based approaches.
Most commonly prescribed drugs were haematinics (20%) followed by antibacterials (13%), protein supplements (11%), steroids (9%), calcium supplements (6%), antihypertensives (5%), tocolytics (5%), antiemetics (4%), progesterone (4%), intravenous fluids (IVF) (4%), vitamins (3%), and proton pump inhibitors (PPI's) as shown in the Figure 4.
She was initiated on antiretroviral therapy with an efavirenz-based fixed-dose combination, and also started on oral haematinics.
She was discharged home on the second day after delivery on oral haematinics.