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benign angioma consisting of a mass of blood vessels

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The haemangioma had squashed one of my lungs and was attached to my diaphragm," she explained.
The crucial role of imaging in detection of facial nerve haemangiomas.
Histopathology showed large blood filled spaces separated by fibrous stroma with flattened rete pegs of the overlying squamous epithelium, dilated and proliferating capillaries consistent with cavernous haemangioma (Fig.
Jephson CG, Manunza F, Syed S, Mills NA, Harper J, Hartley BE: Successful treatment of isolated subglottic haemangioma with propranolol alone.
George was born with a haemangioma birthmark, made up of bright, soft lumps of abnormal blood vessels.
George Ashman was born in 2006 with a haemangioma birthmark - made up of bright, soft lumps of abnormal blood vessels.
Foramen of Monro mass: MRI appearances permit diagnosis of cavernous haemangioma.
3]/l ; ESR--25 mm/h; blood slide for malaria parasites--none seen; urinalysis--normal; chest radiograph--normal; abdominal ultrasound scan--hepatosplenomegaly with a suggestion of a haemangioma in the liver; serum cryptococcal antigen--negative; blood cultures--no bacterial growth after 7 days of incubation; TPHA--non-reactive.
The contract covers the development, production and marketing of a paediatric beta-blocker for the treatment of severe infantile haemangioma with the intention of obtaining NDA-approval (New Drug Application) both for Europe and the USA.
We report a case in which a patient of ASA physical status I developed asystole following injection of 100% alcohol into a vertebral haemangioma, and became apnoeic and unresponsive.
Characteristics of an avian retrovirus isolated from an outbreak of haemangioma among layers.
As a newborn, she was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening growth called a haemangioma, which began as a tiny red birthmark on her ankle.
Weeks later it became swollen and began to encompass the ear, but it was only seven months later, when her weight began to plummet, that doctors at the North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary diagnosed the condition as haemangioma.